English 11+

The format of the 11+ English papers varies from year to year, with school, and assessing body (GL or CEM). At Dew Tutors London we prepares our students for vocabulary, antonyms, synonyms, English grammar, punctuation, building sentences, essay/short story, persuasive arguments, Comprehension, ‘ and Cloze’ exercise, together with other basic English needed at an 11+ English test.

English 11+    
SPAG SpellingsPunctuationGrammarSPAG combentation 
VocabularyGreek and Latin rootsrefixes and suffixesSynonyms & AntonymsWord relationships and usage
Author’s purpose and tone Figurative language       Similes       Metaphors   Word  usage Analogies & Homophones
Sentence Structure and typesentence Structure and Clauses           Sentence types : Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative or exclamatory.Sentence types : a complete sentence or a fragment or a run-on,Sentence types : Simple, Compound or Complex
GRAMMAR Nouns Pronouns         VerbsAdjectives
GRAMMAR AdverbsPrepositions & Articles    ConjunctionsContractions
GRAMMAR PunctuationCapitalisation Formatting  Reference skills
GRAMMAR Context CluesPersuasive argumentsComprehensionBuilding sentences, essay and short  fiction or non ficttion Story 
GRAMMAR Cloze’ exercisePersonificationMixed Punctuation and Speech MarksMixed Grammar questions
GRAMMAR Mixed Imagery – Personification, Simile, & MetaphorAlteration & OnomatopoelaMixed Spelling and Abbreviations Mixed Grammar & understanding devices. 

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