Research Method

Research Methodology

Research Methodology enhances students’ learning on a systematic process of identifying a research problem, undertaking a literature review, designing appropriate research methods, data collection, data analysis and presenting the results.

We offer services for data analysis using softwares such as Excel, SPSS, NVivo etc.

SPSS, Quantitative Data Analysis Research Methods And Statical Analysis For Research Projects

We have tutored many UG, PG, MBA, psychology, social sciences, dental and business management students in London for analysis of assignments, research projects, statistical analysis and dissertations.
You may be undertaking an undergraduate degree, Postgraduate degree or Ph.D. in business, social sciences or psychology.

We provide help for university coursework; we have helped researchers in statistical analysis and interpretation of assignments, projects and dissertations). We also tutor students in solving past question papers.

Dew Tutors London has an expert team that has hands-on and successful experience in managing research projects and supporting other researchers.

Areas of Expertise

  • SPSS, Excel, Minitab Packages.
  • Data Collecting and Cleansing from- (1) questionnaire, (2) statistical survey/ structured interview, (3) experiment
  • Quantitative and Qualitative (Categorical) data analysis
  • Expert in analyzing Statistical Tables- Chi-Square tables, Student t-distribution, Standard normal distribution, F-distribution etc
  • Probability
  • Probability Distributions
  • Statistical Hypothesis tests (parametric and non-parametric statistical testing) and confidence intervals
  • Multivariate and bivariate regression and Correlation
  • Demography and population studies
  • Statistical quality and process control
  • Time Series Analysis
If you are looking for tuition for research methods, statistics, SPSS, dissertation support in London, particularly around Ealing, Southall, Greenford or Northolt area or online, please feel free to contact us.

1.INTRODUCTION TO THE RESEARCH PROJECT Refining the Topic selectionScope ||Interest || Access ||Achievable||Value SMART Objectives Research significance and Rationale
2.LITERATURE REVIEW .Purpose of Literatre ReviewStructutre & Process of Litrature ReviewLiterature SourcesMethods and Critical Review
3.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY. Philosophy :Positivism or Interpretivism Methods :Quantitative or Qualitative or Mixed methods Logic & Approach :Inductive or Deductive Data collection Strategy:Sampling, Primary Survey or Case study or Experiment or grounded theory or Secondary sources
3.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY. Research Instrument :Questionnaire, Interview, Observation sheet ,ThemesAnalysis methods Quantitative : description, relational, hypothesis testing etc. Analysis methods :Codes / Themes , content analysis, Grounded theory Ethics , Limitation and Gant Chart
4.DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS .Descriptive Analysis Hypotheses Tests Thematic/content analysis Model Testing /framework development

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