Non Verbal Reasoning 11+

Non Verbal Reasoning (NVR) tests ability to apply logic, similarity, trend, pattern and reasoning to solve problems.

Similar Shapes -analogies 1st shape is related to the 2nd in some way. Now you match another one in the same way .
Most Likewhich one of the figures given is most like the first two figures?
Odd One Outwhich one of the pictures is most unlike the others.
Code BreakerEach box on the left has a pair of letters in it which are a code for the shape or shapes in that box. which pair of letters should be given to the shape or shapes in the box on the right?
Shape Rotations and ReflectionsWhich of the figures can be rotated to make the figure given on the left
missing figure- shape matrixGiven a group of squares , with one place missing . which figure best complete the group?
Missing SequenceShapes arranged in order to form a sequence. which one of the shapes on the right should take the empty place ?
Netswhich one of the 2D nets given can be folded to make a given 3D cube?
3D Shapes to 2D plan/sidewhat the 3D shape would look like if viewed from top /side?
3D Shapes RotationWhich option matches the original shape and is constructed from the same blocks?
Figure RecognitionFind a targeted shape hidden among many
Figure AnalysisFrom a given a picture of a piece of paper which is folded and has holes punched in it. Find what the paper would look like when unfolded?
shape subtraction / additionWhich shape or pattern is made when the first two shapes or patterns are put together?

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